Explora Journeys

Discover the Ocean State of Mind

Explora Journeys is a luxury lifestyle travel brand from the MSC Group. Explora Journeys mission is to create a transformative luxury ocean cruise experience like no other.

Explora Journeys has created a collection of voyages that offer the perfect blend of well-known destinations and off the beaten path spots. These are enriching voyages for the curious, cosmopolitan traveler who wants to create connections that last long beyond the journey itself.

Ocean State of Mind

The ocean and its influence on us as human beings sits at the very heart of the Explora Journeys brand. Defined as 'The Ocean State of Mind', Explora Journeys believes that the ocean connects us with ourselves, and the people and places around us. The Ocean State of Mind creates an energy that inspires inner and outer discovery, broadens horizons and triggers new connections.

Modern Luxury Ships

Explora's European family roots and sense of style is reflected in the modern, cosmopolitan, boutique hotel vibe of the ships.

Its first ship, Explora I, will set sail on its inaugural season in May 2023. Explora I is the first of a planned four-ship fleet; the remaining three ships will set sail in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Discover further, travel deeper, and linger a little longer on an Explora Journeys voyage.

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11-Night Inaugural Journey into History Explora IMay 31, 2023$16,800$300
17-Night Exploration of Mediterranean Empires Explora IMay 31, 2023$24,600$300
25-Night Mediterranean Grand Journey Explora IMay 31, 2023$33,100$800
6-Night Coasts of Culture & Sunsets in Santorini Explora IJun 11, 2023$9,200$300
8-Night Journey to Blessed Islands of Bohemia Explora IJun 17, 2023$10,900$500
15-Night Extended Idylls of South Spain & Portugal Explora IJun 17, 2023$18,800$300
7-Night Moorish Gems of Andalusia & the Algarve Explora IJun 25, 2023$9,000$500
16-Night Extended Exploration-Balearic Sea to English C... Explora IJun 25, 2023$17,200$1,000
9-Night Taste of Bordeaux & Impressions of Brittany Explora IJul 2, 2023$10,200$500
12-Night Inaugural Norwegian Journey & Arctic Circle Explora IJul 11, 2023$17,400$300
21-Night Extended Exploration of Norway Fjords Explora IJul 11, 2023$29,000$800
44-Night Northern Europe Grand Journey Explora IJul 11, 2023$51,700$1,600
9-Night Glacier Carved Islands & Valley of Trolls Explora IJul 23, 2023$13,200$500
7-Night White Night Capitals of the Baltics Explora IAug 1, 2023$9,500$300
14-Night Extended Overture of the Baltic Jewels Explora IAug 1, 2023$18,000$300
7-Night Baltic Beaches & Hanseatic History Explora IAug 8, 2023$9,500$300
9-Night Viking Lore of Fjords & Hanseatic Cities Explora IAug 15, 2023$10,400$500
12-Night Tapestry of Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland & UK Explora IAug 21, 2023$14,000$500
9-Night Inaugural UK & Ireland Journey Explora IAug 24, 2023$12,100$500
16-Night Extended Exploration from Scotland to Iceland Explora IAug 24, 2023$17,900$1,000
7-Night Scottish Highlands & Icelandic Geysers Explora ISep 2, 2023$7,900$500
16-Night Inaugural Iceland & Greenland Journey Explora ISep 9, 2023$13,500$300
24-Night Iceland & Greenland to High-Latitude America Explora ISep 9, 2023$20,200$800
8-Night Inaugural North American East Coast Journey Explora ISep 25, 2023$8,600$500
18-Night Historic American Cities & Quebecois Culture Explora ISep 25, 2023$18,200$1,000
10-Night Quebecois Culture, Canadian Fjords & New Amste... Explora IOct 3, 2023$10,700$500
7-Night European Influences in the New World Explora IOct 13, 2023$7,200$500
14-Night Autumn Leaves & Palm Trees Along the Atlantic Explora IOct 20, 2023$11,600$300
7-Night Inaugural Caribbean Journey: A Yachtsman Paradi... Explora INov 3, 2023$5,800$500
14-Night Escapes into a Yachtsmans Caribbean Explora INov 3, 2023$10,600$1,000
7-Night Inaugural Carribean Journey: British Isles & Cr... Explora INov 10, 2023$5,400$500
10-Night Caribbean Escapes in European Outposts Explora INov 17, 2023$8,600$300
7-Night Discovering the Islands of the Caribbean Explora IDec 6, 2023$5,400$500
9-Night Diamond Beaches & Sparkling Private Idylls Explora IDec 13, 2023$7,000$500
7-Night White-Sand Wonderlands for the Holidays Explora IDec 22, 2023$7,000$300
14-Night Holdiay Journey into White-Sand Wonderlands Explora IDec 22, 2023$14,500$600
7-Night Sensational New Year Celebration Explora IDec 29, 2023$8,400$300
8-Night UNESCO Wonders of Colombia, Panama & the Caribb... Explora IJan 11, 2024$6,400$500
16-Night Inaugural South American Journey Explora IJan 31, 2024$16,400$500
14-Night Central America to Center Stage in LA Explora IMar 29, 2024$9,700$500
9-Night Inaugural Hawaiian Journey - Magic of Kai Explora IApr 18, 2024$7,400$300
18-Night Extended Exploration of the Hawaiian Islands Explora IApr 18, 2024$14,800$600
9-Night Inaugural Hawaiian Journey Explora IApr 27, 2024$7,800$300
14-Night Extended Sunsets in Santorini, Mykonos & IbizaExplora IJun 11, 2023$19,000
6-Night Danish Designs & Hanseatic StyleExplora IAug 15, 2023$8,000
3-Night Waterways of Hamburg, Rotterdam & BrugesExplora IAug 21, 2023$3,600
9-Night UNESCO Treasures Below & Above the Caribbean Se...Explora INov 27, 2023$7,000
6-Night Magical Realism of Miami, Santa Marta & Cartage...Explora IJan 5, 2024$4,700
6-Night Yachtsmans Caribbean of Remote HarbouragesExplora IJan 19, 2024$4,700
6-Night Islands of Global Sophistication & Natural Char...Explora IJan 25, 2024$4,700
13-Night Brazil In-Depth and IncredibleExplora IFeb 17, 2024$10,800
7-Night Islands of DesireExplora IMar 1, 2024$5,800
10-Night Celestial Caribbean and Creole SoulExplora IMar 8, 2024$8,300
11-Night Panama Canal PassageExplora IMar 18, 2024$9,100
6-Night Sybaritic Cities & Pacific Northwest CovesExplora IApr 18, 2024$4,900
11-Night Remote Wrangell & Spectacular SitkaExplora IMay 6, 2024$12,800
10-Night Journey of the GlaciersExplora IMay 28, 2024 - Jul 30, 2024$12,100
11-Night Sailing the WhaleExplora IMay 17, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024$13,300
18-Night Journey to the Wild & Wonderful West CoastExplora IAug 9, 2024$20,600
7-Night Vibrant Vancouver Meets California CoolExplora IAug 20, 2024$7,700
21-Night Journey to Americas Western ShoresExplora IAug 20, 2024$18,700
29-Night Snow-Peaked Mountains & White BeachesExplora IAug 20, 2024$23,900
39-Night North & Central America Grand JourneyExplora IAug 20, 2024$29,800
14-Night Surfy SoCal to Costa RicaExplora IAug 27, 2024$12,100
22-Night Journey of Coastal Cosmopolitan CitiesExplora IAug 27, 2024$17,900
32-Night American Dreamers to French Savoir-FaireExplora IAug 27, 2024$24,800
8-Night Pirates, Paradise Jungles & Coral CaysExplora ISep 10, 2024$6,900
18-Night Emblems of America & Eastern CanadaExplora ISep 10, 2024$14,700
10-Night Bright City Lights & Stunning SceneryExplora ISep 18, 2024$8,700
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.