Explora I by Explora Journeys

Travel further and extend your horizons

Explora I is the first of six luxury best-in-class ships from Explora Journeys, setting sail on its inaugural season in 2023. Fourteen decks provide ample indoor public space, maximizing guest choices with areas of quiet seclusion and privacy.

Generous outdoor decks deliver stunning views of the sea, with 64 private cabanas across 3 outdoor pools. Combined with various indoor and outdoor whirlpool baths on the ship's promenade deck, the ship has been designed with water as a real focal point of the onboard experience.

Each of the 461 ocean-front suites, penthouses and residences are all designed with a refined, European elegance and offer floor-to-ceiling windows and private sun terraces.

All-Inclusive Journeys

With unrivalled space and privacy, and service that means everything is taken care of, guests can relax in their comfortable homes at sea with a chilled bottle of champagne awaiting them. Guests on Explora I will enjoy these complimentary amenities:

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CruisesShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
8-Night Old Frontiers Along the Whale Highway New OfferingExplora ISep 30, 2024$5,200
16-Night Purifying Landscapes of North America New OfferingExplora ISep 30, 2024$9,800
8-Night Trailing Whales & Falling Leaves New OfferingExplora IOct 8, 2024$5,200
15-Night Promised Lands of Prosperity New OfferingExplora IOct 8, 2024$8,900
7-Night Big Skies to Bright City Lights New OfferingExplora IOct 16, 2024$4,250
21-Night Ocean of Our Imaginings New OfferingExplora IOct 16, 2024$11,650
14-Night Dream Islands in the Stream New OfferingExplora IOct 23, 2024$8,100
23-Night Galaxy of Tropical Stars New OfferingExplora IOct 23, 2024$13,000
9-Night Ancient Maya & New Orleans Music New OfferingExplora INov 6, 2024$5,650
16-Night Savor the Elixir of Life New OfferingExplora INov 6, 2024$9,450
7-Night Caribbean Chorus of Color New OfferingExplora INov 15, 2024$4,350
28-Night Grand Journey to Amazonia & Tropical Isles New OfferingExplora INov 15, 2024$16,100
14-Night Caribbean Dreams & Amazonian Adventures New OfferingExplora INov 22, 2024$8,800
7-Night Wild & Wonderful Amazonia New OfferingExplora INov 22, 2024$4,650
7-Night Meeting Waters on the Almighty Amazon New OfferingExplora INov 29, 2024$4,650
7-Night Castaway Caribbean Charisma New OfferingExplora IDec 6, 2024$4,350
14-Night Festive Revelry & Restoration New OfferingExplora IDec 13, 2024$9,150
14-Night Holiday Miracles & New Beginnings New OfferingExplora IDec 20, 2024$10,400
7-Night Gifts of a Caribbean Holiday New OfferingExplora IDec 20, 2024$5,350
7-Night Eden-Like Islands & Hidden Harbours New OfferingExplora IDec 13, 2024 & Dec 27, 2024$4,350
14-Night Extended Journey to Boundless Beauty New OfferingExplora IDec 27, 2024$9,750
14-Night Journey to the Isles of the Antilles New OfferingExplora IJan 10, 2025$8,300
7-Night Wild Landscapes & Island Idylls New OfferingExplora IJan 17, 2025$4,400
11-Night Caribbean Rhythms & Island Escapism New OfferingExplora IJan 24, 2025$6,950
25-Night Sunshine to Awaken Your Senses New OfferingExplora IJan 24, 2025$14,800
14-Night Southern Caribbean Latitudes New OfferingExplora IFeb 4, 2025$8,650
15-Night Journey to Two Carnivals in Brazil New OfferingExplora IFeb 18, 2025$9,300
30-Night Journey in Wild, Wonderful Brazil New OfferingExplora IFeb 18, 2025$17,600
15-Night Wonders & Warmth of Brazil New OfferingExplora IMar 5, 2025$9,300
7-Night Cultural Cauldrons, Hideaways & Natural Wonders New OfferingExplora IJan 3, 2025 & Mar 20, 2025$4,550
14-Night Charmed Caribbean Islands New OfferingExplora IJan 3, 2025 & Mar 20, 2025$8,550
7-Night Puerto Rico to Caribbean Paradises New OfferingExplora IJan 10, 2025 & Mar 27, 2025$4,400
21-Night Transatlantic Odyssey in the Atlantic New OfferingExplora IMar 27, 2025$11,950
31-Night Caribbean Seashells to Portuguese Vineyards New OfferingExplora IMar 27, 2025$18,800
14-Night Tantalizing Transatlantic Adventures New OfferingExplora IApr 3, 2025$8,100
10-Night Forgotten Worlds & Fortified Wines New OfferingExplora IApr 17, 2025$7,250
15-Night Maiden Journey into Epic Fjords & Arctic Circl... Explora IJul 17, 2023$11,900$500
7-Night European White Night & Iceland Explora IAug 1, 2023$4,400$300
14-Night Scottish Isles, Danish Cities & Icelandic Fjor... Explora IAug 1, 2023$9,050$300
7-Night Wild Heart of Iceland Explora IAug 8, 2023$5,200$300
9-Night Viking Lore of Fjords & Hanseatic Cities Explora IAug 15, 2023$5,700$500
12-Night Tapestry of Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland & UK Explora IAug 21, 2023$7,850$300
9-Night Inaugural UK & Ireland Journey Explora IAug 24, 2023$6,650$500
16-Night Extended Exploration from Scotland to Iceland Explora IAug 24, 2023$9,900$300
7-Night Scottish Highlands & Icelandic Geysers Explora ISep 2, 2023$4,400$500
16-Night Inaugural Iceland & Greenland Journey Explora ISep 9, 2023$9,700$300
24-Night Iceland & Greenland to High-Latitude America Explora ISep 9, 2023$13,200$300
8-Night Inaugural North American East Coast Journey Explora ISep 25, 2023$5,050$500
18-Night Historic American Cities & Quebecois Culture Explora ISep 25, 2023$10,750$300
10-Night Quebecois Culture, Canadian Fjords & New Amste... Explora IOct 3, 2023$10,700$500
7-Night European Influences in the New World Explora IOct 13, 2023$7,200$500
14-Night Autumn Leaves & Palm Trees Along the Atlantic Explora IOct 20, 2023$11,600$300
7-Night Inaugural Caribbean Journey: A Yachtsman Paradi... Explora INov 3, 2023$5,800$500
14-Night Escapes into a Yachtsmans Caribbean Explora INov 3, 2023$10,600$300
7-Night Inaugural Carribean Journey: British Isles & Cr... Explora INov 10, 2023$5,400$500
10-Night Caribbean Escapes in European Outposts Explora INov 17, 2023$8,600$300
9-Night UNESCO Treasures Below & Above the Caribbean Se... Explora INov 27, 2023$7,000$300
7-Night Discovering the Islands of the Caribbean Explora IDec 6, 2023$5,400$500
9-Night Diamond Beaches & Sparkling Private Idylls Explora IDec 13, 2023$7,000$500
7-Night White-Sand Wonderlands for the Holidays Explora IDec 22, 2023$7,000$300
14-Night Holdiay Journey into White-Sand Wonderlands Explora IDec 22, 2023$14,500$300
7-Night Sensational New Year Celebration Explora IDec 29, 2023$8,400$300
8-Night UNESCO Wonders of Colombia, Panama & the Caribb... Explora IJan 11, 2024$6,400$500
16-Night Inaugural South American Journey Explora IJan 31, 2024$16,400$500
13-Night Brazil In-Depth and Incredible Explora IFeb 17, 2024$10,800$500
11-Night Panama Canal Passage Explora IMar 18, 2024$9,100$500
14-Night Central America to Center Stage in LA Explora IMar 29, 2024$9,700$500
9-Night Inaugural Hawaiian Journey - Magic of Kai Explora IApr 18, 2024$7,400$300
18-Night Extended Exploration of the Hawaiian Islands Explora IApr 18, 2024$14,800$300
9-Night Inaugural Hawaiian Journey Explora IApr 27, 2024$7,800$300
8-Night Pirates, Paradise Jungles & Coral Cays Explora ISep 10, 2024$6,900$1,000
12-Night Bright City Lights & Stunning Scenery Explora ISep 18, 2024$7,850$500
6-Night Danish Designs & Hanseatic StyleExplora IAug 15, 2023$4,250
3-Night Waterways of Hamburg, Rotterdam & BrugesExplora IAug 21, 2023$2,150
19-Night Flemish Canals to Icelandic LagoonsExplora IAug 21, 2023$11,800
35-Night Hanseatic Harbors to City of DreamsExplora IAug 21, 2023$21,500
23-Night Scotland, Greenland & the New WorldExplora ISep 2, 2023$13,950
6-Night Magical Realism of Miami, Santa Marta & Cartage...Explora IJan 5, 2024$4,700
6-Night Yachtsmans Caribbean of Remote HarbouragesExplora IJan 19, 2024$4,700
12-Night Yachtsmans Caribbean of Remote RefugesExplora IJan 19, 2024$6,750
6-Night Islands of Global Sophistication & Natural Char...Explora IJan 25, 2024$4,700
30-Night Brazilian Carnival & BeachesExplora IJan 31, 2024$15,150
7-Night Islands of DesireExplora IMar 1, 2024$5,800
17-Night Caribbean Rhythm & Creole SoulExplora IMar 1, 2024$8,250
10-Night Celestial Caribbean and Creole SoulExplora IMar 8, 2024$8,300
25-Night Sunny Caribbean & Golden CaliforniaExplora IMar 18, 2024$11,700
6-Night Sybaritic Cities & Pacific Northwest CovesExplora IApr 12, 2024$3,250
20-Night Emblems of America & Eastern CanadaExplora ISep 10, 2024$11,450$500
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.