Antarctic Expedition Cruises

Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is an 800-mile (1,300 km) stretch of land and ice extending northward from the Antarctic continent towards South America. First-time visitors, especially, are humbled by the staggering beauty of the Antarctic: icebergs, glaciers, snow-covered mountain tops and incredible wildlife. People who dream of visiting the 7th Continent typically start here on the peninsula, which is ice-covered and mountainous.

South Georgia

South Georgia has only a handful of temporary inhabitants and that contingent is primarily researchers and scientists. The slightly crescent-shaped, mountainous island is known for its diverse wildlife, glaciers and fjords, as well as wildlife. South Georgia is sometimes called the "Galapagos of the Poles" because of the massive king penguin colony at Salisbury Plain, and other wildlife, including the thousands of fur and elephant seals.

The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

From Magellanic penguins to military history! The Argentines call it Islas Malvinas. To the British, this south Atlantic archipelago is known as the Falkland Islands. While it's the southern-most point of South America, the Falklands are a bastion of British culture and traditions. Located about 400 km northeast of Tierra del Fuego, the Falklands are known for their wildlife (penguins and bird species are plentiful) as well as their dramatic history.

Snow Hill Island

You've got one main reason or perhaps 10,000 to visit remote Snow Hill Island off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Snow Hill Island is home to a rarely-visited colony of 4,000 pairs of breeding Emperor penguins and their offspring. That's about 10,000 penguins in one relatively small space. The survival and breeding habits of this particular type of penguins have long fascinated nature-lovers. Not only do they thrive in bitterly cold temperatures as low as -60C (-76F)but they're the only species of penguin to breed and incubate their eggs on ice rather than on shore.
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17-Night Antarctica & Patagonia Expedition MS Roald AmundsenOct 21, 2024$8,918$200
18-Night Antarctic, Falkland Islands & South Georgia Silversea Silver EndeavourOct 29, 2024$25,200$600
21-Night Wild South Atlantic & Antarctic Peninsula Seabourn VentureNov 4, 2024$23,999$500
20-Night Chile & Antarctica Expedition Silversea Silver WindNov 18, 2024$16,300$450
15-Night Antarctica Bridge Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourJan 6, 2025$27,900$600
15-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams Silversea Silver CloudDec 29, 2024 & Jan 23, 2025$18,800$600
21-Night Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Seabourn PursuitJan 24, 2025$34,510$1,000
13-Night Antarctica Exploration Seabourn VentureNov 24, 2024 - Jan 29, 2025$11,474$500
21-Night Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Seabourn VentureFeb 10, 2025$26,999$500
13-Night Antarctica Exploration Seabourn PursuitNov 3, 2024 & Feb 13, 2025$11,024$500
21-Night Antarctica & Chilean Fjords Seabourn PursuitFeb 25, 2025$15,599$500
12-Night Antarctica Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourFeb 26, 2025$12,950$450
22-Night Antarctica & Chile Cruise Silversea Silver CloudMar 9, 2025$18,800$450
25-Night Antarctica, Patagonia & Chilean Fjords MS Roald AmundsenMar 10, 2025$9,839$200
18-Night Chilean Fjords & Antarctica Seabourn PursuitOct 17, 2024 & Oct 30, 2025$16,199$500
10-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams Silversea Silver CloudNov 19, 2024 - Nov 26, 2025$10,350$600
11-Night Great White Continent Seabourn PursuitNov 15, 2024 - Dec 6, 2025$8,624$500
15-Night Antarctica & Falklands Expedition MS Roald AmundsenNov 6, 2024 - Dec 8, 2025$8,588$200
10-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams Silversea Silver WindDec 8, 2024 - Dec 11, 2025$12,900$600
7-Night Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake Quark World ExplorerDec 5, 2024 - Dec 15, 2025$10,459$500
21-Night Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Seabourn PursuitDec 15, 2024 & Dec 16, 2025$23,182$500
18-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams Silversea Silver WindDec 18, 2024 - Dec 21, 2025$21,900$600
10-Night Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Contin... Quark World ExplorerNov 5, 2024 - Dec 27, 2025$7,421$500
11-Night Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Contin... Quark UltramarineNov 16, 2024 - Dec 27, 2025$10,441$500
11-Night The Great White Continent Seabourn VentureDec 18, 2024 - Dec 28, 2025$8,999$300
17-Night Antarctic Circle Expedition MS Roald AmundsenJan 11, 2025 - Feb 18, 2026$10,153$200
11-Night Highlights of Antarctica MS Roald AmundsenDec 4, 2024 - Mar 16, 2026$7,179$200
30-Night Machu Picchu, Patagonia & AntarcticaMS Roald AmundsenOct 8, 2024$15,270
35-Night From the Amazon to the AntarcticSeabourn VentureOct 21, 2024$28,999
33-Night Wild South Atlantic & Antarctic ExplorationSeabourn VentureNov 4, 2024$34,999
22-Night Epic Antarctica: Crossing the CircleQuark UltramarineDec 16, 2024$33,031
15-Night Antarctica Bridge ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourDec 22, 2024$34,900$600
17-Night South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin...Quark World ExplorerJan 6, 2025$17,209
13-Night Crossing the Circle: Southern ExpeditionQuark UltramarineJan 6, 2025 - Mar 1, 2025$13,816$500
10-Night Antarctic Cruise: Puerto Williams to UshuaiaSilversea Silver CloudMar 9, 2025$12,100
21-Night In-Depth Antarctica ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourMar 10, 2025$20,000
22-Night Antarctica to Walvis Bay CruiseSilversea Silver WindMar 12, 2025$17,600
21-Night Antarctica & South Georgia ExpeditionSilversea Silver WindOct 5, 2025$22,100
40-Night From the Amazon To South Georgia & The Antarct...Seabourn VentureOct 30, 2025$27,299
18-Night Antarctica: Puerto WilliamsSilversea Silver CloudNov 8, 2025$16,650
28-Night Wild South Atlantic & Antarctic PeninsulaSeabourn VentureNov 11, 2025$24,299
6-Night Antarctica Bridge ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourNov 19, 2024 - Nov 13, 2025$15,050$600
13-Night Emperor Penguin Quest: Expedition to Snow HillQuark UltramarineNov 15, 2025$22,794
9-Night Antarctic Express: Cruise South, Fly NorthQuark World ExplorerDec 3, 2025$10,580
15-Night Puerto Williams to King George IslandSilversea Silver CloudDec 6, 2025$20,550
10-Night Antarctica ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourNov 22, 2025 - Dec 12, 2025$12,150
9-Night Antarctic Express: Fly South, Cruise NorthQuark World ExplorerDec 20, 2025$12,146
15-Night King George Island to Puerto WilliamsSilversea Silver CloudDec 21, 2025$21,750
15-Night Antarctica ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourDec 22, 2025$21,750
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