Silversea Expeditions

Silversea Luxury Galapagos Cruises - Sullivan Bay, photo credit Silversea Silversea's small luxury expedition ships are designed for those who delight in the thrill of adventure while indulging mind and body in the most lavish surroundings imaginable.

Every Silversea expedition cruise is all-inclusive, featuring expert-guided shore excursions, luxurious oceanview accommodations, personalized butler service, and gourmet dining.


Silver Origin is the first destination-specific ship and most environmentally conscious built by Silversea. The elegant Silver Origin offers the ultimate in experiential travel in the Galapagos. Every Silversea Galapagos expedition includes a team of Ecuadorian national expert guides, the highest crew-to-guest ratio in the Galapagos, an interactive basecamp, and Ecuadorian inspired cuisine.


With both Arctic and Antarctica itineraries, Silversea's fleet of intimate Polar Region expedition ships offer a unique combination of exciting shore adventures and onboard spaces that offer an extraordinary voyage. With no more than 240 guests, you'll enjoy small group experiences while Silversea's highly educated Expedition Staff provides unrivalled local knowledge.

Designed to take you far off the beaten track, every Silversea expedition is the true definition of transformative travel.

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Suite Upgrade Offer
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14-Night Arctic, Iceland & Norway  Silversea Silver EndeavourJun 1, 2024$20,900$12,600
12-Night Arctic Expedition Cruise  Silversea Silver WindJun 14, 2024$14,900$12,450
14-Night Arctic, Norway & Iceland  Silversea Silver EndeavourJun 15, 2024$22,900$12,600
16-Night Arctic, Greenland & Canada  Silversea Silver EndeavourJun 29, 2024$25,900$12,600
12-Night Arctic & Svalbard Expedition  Silversea Silver WindJul 14, 2024$15,700$12,450
12-Night Arctic & Greenland Expedition  Silversea Silver WindAug 11, 2024$14,300$12,450
16-Night Arctic & Greenland Expedition  Silversea Silver EndeavourAug 18, 2024$18,400$12,450
24-Night Greenland, Canada & Alaska Cruise  Silversea Silver WindAug 23, 2024$49,900$12,600
16-Night Arctic, Greenland & Iceland  Silversea Silver EndeavourSep 3, 2024$18,400$12,600
18-Night Alaska Expedition Cruise  Silversea Silver WindSep 16, 2024$19,300$12,600
16-Night Arctic, Greenland & Canada  Silversea Silver EndeavourSep 19, 2024$22,200$12,450
18-Night Antarctic, Falkland Islands & South Georgia  Silversea Silver EndeavourOct 29, 2024$25,200$12,600
20-Night Chile & Antarctica Expedition  Silversea Silver WindNov 18, 2024$16,300$12,450
15-Night Antarctica Bridge Expedition  Silversea Silver EndeavourJan 6, 2025$27,900$12,600
15-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams  Silversea Silver CloudDec 29, 2024 & Jan 23, 2025$18,800$12,600
12-Night Antarctica Expedition  Silversea Silver EndeavourFeb 26, 2025$12,950$12,450
22-Night Antarctica & Chile Cruise  Silversea Silver CloudMar 9, 2025$18,800$12,450
18-Night Arctic, Norway & Svalbard Expedition  Silversea Silver EndeavourMay 25, 2025$22,450$12,450
10-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams  Silversea Silver CloudNov 19, 2024 - Nov 26, 2025$10,350$12,600
10-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams  Silversea Silver WindDec 8, 2024 - Dec 11, 2025$12,900$12,600
7-Night Galapagos Cruise: North-Central Loop  Silversea Silver OriginJun 8, 2024 - Dec 20, 2025$11,500$12,600
18-Night Antarctica Cruise: Puerto Williams  Silversea Silver WindDec 18, 2024 - Dec 21, 2025$21,900$12,600
7-Night Galapagos Cruise: Western Loop  Silversea Silver OriginJun 1, 2024 - Dec 27, 2025$11,500$12,600
14-Night Arctic, Canada & Greenland Silversea Silver EndeavourJul 15, 2024$22,900$600
10-Night Arctic & Greenland Silversea Silver EndeavourJul 29, 2024$17,900$450
9-Night Arctic Expedition Cruise Silversea Silver WindJul 5, 2024$12,100$12,000
15-Night Antarctica Bridge Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourDec 22, 2024$34,900$12,600
21-Night In-Depth Antarctica Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourMar 10, 2025$20,000$12,000
22-Night Antarctica to Walvis Bay Cruise Silversea Silver WindMar 12, 2025$17,600$12,000
7-Night Arctic & Svalbard Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourJun 12, 2025 & Jun 19, 2025$10,250$12,000
13-Night Arctic, Svalbard & Iceland Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourJun 26, 2025$18,450$12,000
16-Night Arctic, Greenland & Canada Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourJul 9, 2025$23,550$12,000
15-Night Arctic Canada & Greenland Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourJul 25, 2025$22,650$12,000
15-Night Greenland & Arctic Canada Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourAug 9, 2025$19,750$12,000
21-Night Antarctica & South Georgia Expedition Silversea Silver WindOct 5, 2025$22,100$12,000
18-Night Antarctica: Puerto Williams Silversea Silver CloudNov 8, 2025$16,650$12,000
6-Night Antarctica Bridge Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourNov 19, 2024 - Nov 13, 2025$15,050$12,600
15-Night Puerto Williams to King George Island Silversea Silver CloudDec 6, 2025$20,550$12,000
10-Night Antarctica Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourNov 22, 2025 - Dec 12, 2025$12,150$12,000
15-Night King George Island to Puerto Williams Silversea Silver CloudDec 21, 2025$21,750$12,000
15-Night Antarctica Expedition Silversea Silver EndeavourDec 22, 2025$21,750$12,000
9-Night Arctic Expedition CruiseSilversea Silver WindJun 26, 2024$12,100
10-Night Arctic & Iceland ExpeditionSilversea Silver WindAug 1, 2024$9,800
22-Night Arctic, Iceland & Greenland ExpeditionSilversea Silver WindAug 1, 2024$19,800
10-Night Arctic, Canada & GreenlandSilversea Silver EndeavourAug 8, 2024$17,900$450
10-Night Antarctic Cruise: Puerto Williams to UshuaiaSilversea Silver CloudMar 9, 2025$12,100
12-Night Chile Cruise: Ushuaia to ValparaisoSilversea Silver CloudMar 19, 2025$6,100
23-Night Greenland, Canada & Alaska ExpeditionSilversea Silver EndeavourAug 24, 2025$41,350
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.