Seabourn Black Friday Event

Suite Upgrade, Shipboard Credit & Reduced Deposits

Enjoy one of the most exclusive Black Friday sales of the Holiday season with Seabourn Expedition Cruises! For a limited-time, enjoy a Two-Category Veranda Suite Upgrade, up to $2,000 per suite Shipboard Credit, and 50% reduced deposits on select 2024 ultra-luxury voyages.

Discover the Arctic and South Pacific aboard Seabourn's exceptional, new purpose-built expedition ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit.

Aboard Seabourn's smaller, more intimate ships you will be catered to in a yacht-like atmosphere by a team who is genuine and attuned to your every need. Unwrap the gift of effortless travel, and the best part is, you only have to unpack once.

Offer ends December 4, 2023.

NOTE: Offer is valid on select 2024 sailings. Featured fares are per person based on double occupancy and include Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses. Complimentary Suite Upgrades are subject to availability at time of booking. Shipboard Credit is in U.S. dollars and is non-refundable, non-transferable and has no cash value. Contact us for complete offer details.

AntarcticShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
21-Night Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland  Seabourn PursuitFeb 19, 2024$24,299$10,000
18-Night Chilean Fjords & Antarctica  Seabourn PursuitOct 17, 2024$20,999$9,500
11-Night Great White Continent  Seabourn PursuitDec 7, 2023 - Jan 14, 2025$9,999$9,500
11-Night The Great White Continent  Seabourn VentureDec 9, 2023 - Jan 19, 2025$11,499$9,300
37-Night Antarctica, South Georgia & the Atlantic Seabourn VentureFeb 11, 2024$31,099$9,000
51-Night Antarctica, Atlantic & Northwest Africa Seabourn VentureFeb 11, 2024$39,499$9,000
35-Night From the Amazon to the Antarctic Seabourn VentureOct 21, 2024$28,999$9,000
21-Night Wild South Atlantic & Antarctic Peninsula Seabourn VentureNov 4, 2024$23,999$9,000
33-Night Wild South Atlantic & Antarctic Exploration Seabourn VentureNov 4, 2024$34,999$9,000
13-Night Antarctica Exploration Seabourn VentureJan 8, 2024 - Jan 7, 2025$14,999$9,500
13-Night Antarctica Exploration Seabourn PursuitJan 6, 2024 - Feb 13, 2025$14,999$9,000
ArcticShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
12-Night Svalbard - Beyond The North Cape  Seabourn VentureJun 9, 2024 & Jun 30, 2024$10,999$9,300
14-Night Legend Of The Icelandic Sagas  Seabourn VentureAug 16, 2024$14,999$9,300
22-Night Iceland Circumnavigation & Fjords Of East Gree... Seabourn VentureJul 25, 2024$20,499$9,000
11-Night Fjords Of East Greenland Seabourn VentureAug 5, 2024$11,499$9,000
25-Night East Greenland & Icelandic Sagas Seabourn VentureAug 5, 2024$23,999$9,000
15-Night Glaciers, Fjords & Indigenous Cultures Seabourn VentureAug 30, 2024$14,999$9,000
Australia & New ZealandShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
10-Night Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls and Wandjinas  Seabourn PursuitJun 12, 2024 - Jul 22, 2024$8,099$9,500
10-Night Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls & Windjinas  Seabourn PursuitJun 22, 2024 - Aug 1, 2024$8,549$9,500
25-Night New Guinea, Indonesia & Kimberley Expedition Seabourn PursuitAug 1, 2024$17,279$9,000
CaribbeanShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
10-Night Autumn Atlantic Migration  Seabourn VentureSep 27, 2024$5,499$9,300
EuropeShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
14-Night Scotland Isles & Gaelic Ireland  Seabourn VentureApr 28, 2024$11,999$9,300
14-Night Lands of the Celts  Seabourn VentureApr 14, 2024 & May 12, 2024$11,999$9,300
11-Night Iceland Circumnavigation  Seabourn VentureJul 25, 2024$11,499$9,300
12-Night European Cultural Discovery Seabourn VentureApr 2, 2024$8,399$9,000
26-Night European Discovery & Lands of the Celts Seabourn VentureApr 2, 2024$21,019$9,000
28-Night Lands Of The Celts, Scotland & Ireland Seabourn VentureApr 14, 2024$21,499$9,000
28-Night Lands Of The Celts, Scotland & Ireland Seabourn VentureApr 28, 2024$21,499$9,000
28-Night Lands Of The Celts, Scotland & Norwegian Fjord... Seabourn VentureMay 12, 2024$21,499$9,000
14-Night Scotland & Norwegian Fjords Seabourn VentureMay 26, 2024$11,999$9,000
South AmericaShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
15-Night Glaciers & Fjords of the Chilean Coast  Seabourn PursuitMar 10, 2024$7,299$9,500
14-Night Wild Guianas to the Amazon Basin  Seabourn VentureOct 7, 2024$10,999$9,300
14-Night Amazon Delta & Coast Of Brazil  Seabourn VentureOct 21, 2024$7,999$9,300
35-Night Chilean Coast To Easter & Pitcairn Islands Seabourn PursuitMar 10, 2024$18,629$9,000
24-Night Atlantic to the Amazon Basin Seabourn VentureSep 27, 2024$14,889$9,000
28-Night Wild Guianas, Amazon & Coast Of Brazil Seabourn VentureOct 7, 2024$17,099$9,000
South PacificShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
20-Night Easter & Pitcairn Islands  Seabourn PursuitMar 25, 2024$16,199$9,500
18-Night Island Cultures & Coral Gardens  Seabourn PursuitApr 14, 2024$13,499$9,500
15-Night History & Cultures of the Pacific Theatre  Seabourn PursuitApr 30, 2024 & Aug 24, 2024$10,799$9,500
19-Night Isles and Cultures of the Andesite Line  Seabourn PursuitSep 8, 2024$16,649$9,500
20-Night Pitcairn & Easter Islands  Seabourn PursuitSep 27, 2024$19,349$9,500
30-Night Cultural Exploration Of The Pacific Islands Seabourn PursuitApr 14, 2024$19,799$9,000
30-Night Papua New Guinea Discovery Seabourn PursuitApr 30, 2024$17,999$9,000
15-Night Isles of Papua New Guinea Seabourn PursuitMay 15, 2024$11,699$9,000
15-Night Remote Shores of New Guinea & Indonesia Seabourn PursuitAug 11, 2024$12,149$9,000
39-Night Andesite Line & The Eastern Pacific Seabourn PursuitSep 8, 2024$29,609$9,000
TransatlanticShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
41-Night South Georgia, Atlantic & Northest Africa Seabourn VentureFeb 21, 2024$27,199$9,000
53-Night South Georgia, Atlantic, Africa & Europe Seabourn VentureFeb 21, 2024$38,599$9,000
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.